ECL Kids exists to glorify God and make disciples by journeying together in God’s ongoing rescue of the oppressed in developmentally appropriate ways. We are an intergenerational church. We celebrate and desire all ages to participate together in community, communion and serving. We will actively pursue God’s love for us, his people and the world.

Middle School: What a beautifully messy age?! ECL embraces the mess of all God’s people. We want to empower our Middle School students to use their unique place in life to positively impact their world, to understand that their voice matters and to know they are loved. We will do this by providing monthly gathering times, serving opportunities and mentors.

High School: ECL is an intergenerational community. We commit to supporting High School students and their families as they lean more into independency. We will walk alongside our students as they find their identity in Christ, community and connection with the church. We will do this by providing monthly gathering times, serving opportunities and mentors.


Frequently Asked Questions:


What is available for our Middle School and High School age children?

It is important for our MS and HS to be an active participant with our community. We encourage full interaction during the Sunday Service, volunteering within our church (worship, set up/tear down, Kids, coffee..etc), joining an MC with your family. We need the voice of your children, we need to learn with them and hear from them. We are all a part of the Church. We also have a gathering time once a month with our MS and HS students. After the service, we will share a meal, lean into life questions, build relationship, pray and encourage one another in our faith.

We also have a mentor program to pair a student up with an adult from our community who is committed to pray for and pour into the life of our MS and HS students.


Volunteer Opportunities for ECL Kids:

(fill out an interest card at the ECL Kids Welcome Table)

Mentors: Mentors for Middle School students, High School Student or Parents

Kids Welcome Table: Welcoming Crew

Worship: Worship Leaders