Josh McQuinn  


Josh McQuinn
Photo provided by Marla Morris

Josh was raised in Central Florida as the son of a preacher. He attended a Pre-K through 12th Grade Christian School that also included foster homes on campus. Growing up with friends in these homes instilled a desire to always be in community with those who are without, especially those in the foster care system.

Josh moved to Houston after college for work, meeting a beautiful family ministry leader, and fell in love with everything about her. He is raising four boys and often feels like he has a second job as a chauffeur and coach. His first job is as an engineer working in the space industry.

Josh has a practical view of life seeing that everyone can have what they need if everyone takes only what they need and shares the rest. He deeply believes that we are ‘Blessed to be a blessing’ and desires to be in community with those who want to bless others. His greatest desire is to welcome everyone into his community and to see that all needs are met.