Jonah 2

Patrick Turley | November 4, 2018 | Jonah 2 2 of 4. Patrick Turley continues our journey through Jonah with a look at Jonah’s prayer. Sign up for our eBlast newsletter You can give online to support the ministry and mission of ECL.

Heal Our Hearts

Patrick Turley | John 8 | February 25, 2018 Lent 2018 – Heal Us – “Heal Our Hearts” Patrick Turley explores John Chapter 8 and we see how Jesus brings grace and healing in a precarious situation.   Sign up for our eBlast newsletter  

Advent III: People + Home

Patrick Turley | December 17, 2017 | Ezekiel 37:15-21 Patrick Turley teaches from Ezekiel 37:15:-21 as we explore the third week of our Advent journey. Join us at 5:00pm on Sunday, December 24, for our Christmas Eve celebration! Sign up for our weekly eBlast newsletter Below are the 3 videos included in the teaching, from missionaries… Read more »

The Church Is Still…On a Mission of Justice

Patrick Turley | Acts 4:32-35 | October 15, 2017 Acts Rewind: The Church Is Still…On a Mission of Justice Patrick Turley teaches from Acts 4:32-35 about what it means to be of one heart and mind with each other as the Church.   Follow our Harvey Recovery updates Sign up for our weekly eBlast

Life and Death in a Broken World

Patrick Turley | August 13, 2017 | Acts 12:1-16 Acts Series Week 7. Patrick Turley shares the story of the miraculous delivery of Peter from prison, the church that prayed for him, and the martyrdom of James.  In the face of evil and oppression such as we have today, the role of the church is… Read more »

Unity and Holy Places

Patrick Turley | July16, 2017 | Acts 6-7 Acts Series Week 5. Patrick Turley explains how the church handled a conflict in a unifying way, and explores how Stephen’s trial shows that holy places exist wherever we serve Jesus. Read along with our Acts series here.