April 5th Family Worship Materials
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Apr 4, 2020

Early Childhood

Hi again!

I hope this email finds you well! Attached below are the Early Childhood material for April 5. In our Early Childhood class, we do not cover The Crucifixion. This is because some of the children in that class are unsettled by the details in the story, but you know your kiddos best. If you would like to cover The Crucifixion story with your family, it can be found on pages 302 through 309 of the Jesus Storybook Bible, or as a video on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/JesusStorybookBible/videos/the-sun-stops-shining/10157406331058569/ . Otherwise, the materials for The Resurrection lesson can be found below.

Know that you and your families are all on my heart during this time,
Anna Jane


Hello ECL Family!

As we continue to maintain safe physical distancing guidelines and shift our worship services to online format, I'm passing on some resources to help your family worship together and experience the significance of this important season. I must admit - I'm having a hard time accepting the fact that we won't be worshiping in person together during Holy Week and Easter Sunday. It seems completely antithetical to everything I've known. But I know that God is bigger than all of this change, and that when we put him first, He will show us how to make it through this time, and even to thrive in the midst of it!

Kids are usually familiar with the ideas of Palm Sunday and Easter, but I encourage you to use this time to dig a little deeper this year. While reading the stories, ask questions and listen to responses. Talk with your kids about your own faith. Discuss how you are spending time with God personally while at home. Reassure them that even in the midst of the chaos, God brings order and peace, and that God is powerful and sovereign. Kids process and respond to stress and change in many different ways. This is an ideal time to teach Biblical truths so that they have the tools to turn the the Lord in difficult situations.

I guess that's a lot of preamble to say I'm sharing this less as a scripted lesson and more as resources to help your family engage this week. Mostly this is geared towards the Elementary age group, as I'm helping with that age group while Karis is on maternity leave, but I am sharing it with the entire ECL kids group because there are some beneficial elements for all ages. Madeline and Anna Jane can provide more specific guidance for the toddler and preschool kids.

Watch Minno Church at Home Now

First, I received this link this week from Minno, which produces the series "What's in the Bible?" by Phil Vischer of Veggie Tales fame. (As a side note - if you can, check out that series! I absolutely love it. It teaches kids about Biblical literacy in an entertaining way.) The link takes you to the Minno Church at Home, which includes a Palm Sunday video with songs, prayers, scripture, and an animated story. This alone is a very cool substitute for the Elementary kids class. If you scroll down a bit, you'll find a link to the 5 Minute devotional, which shows "Sunday School Lady" from "What's in the Bible?" The elementary kids will likely recognize that concept, as we've incorporated our own "Sunday School Lady" puppet into our class. For all ages, I also recommend the links towards the bottom of the page for continuing discussions throughout Holy Week (there's an article called "What is Holy Week?") and a great link to "Best Resources for Kids and Families during the Covid 19 Quarantine". Finally, there are downloads for coloring and other activity pages. The Owlegories series is geared towards younger kids, while Micah and the SuperVlog books are favorites of my middle school age son. I encourage you to check this out and see what fits well for your family.

Second, for the elementary age kids, I found this excerpt from Streams in the Desert for Kids. The back cover describes it as "a year-long book of devotions to help you when things seem hard", which I'd say is relevant for us all right now. (The book Streams in the Desert is my favorite devotional, and this one for kids has been very helpful to my own children.) Please see the attached file for the word document. I think the kids will find the topic and connections to Holy Week to be helpful.

Finally, parents, I'm praying for each of you this week to connect with your kids in meaningful ways. I love having the privilege of teaching the kids' classes on a regular basis, and I'm excited for you as a families to grow together in Christ, despite the less than ideal circumstances. Pray together, read scripture, talk about the hard questions, let your kids' questions and developmental stage move the discussion, and let the Holy Spirit lead you. Don't reserve these teachable moments just for Sunday morning. Keep it going through the week (we'll be home and staring at each other anyway, right?) Please let me know if I can help in any way.

With love,
Sarah Musselman