Computer Fundraiser Final Totals
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Apr 15, 2020

Church Family,

Your generosity this past week blew me away. We greatly exceeded our original goal of $2000. We ended up raising $5,635! Add the $3,000 from the church's cash reserves and our grand total was $8,635. This morning I finalized the purchase of 35 Samsung Chromebooks for League City Elementary.

Originally we were quoted $200 per Chromebook. We ended up having to pay around $245 per unit. The demand for Chromebooks has risen sharply in the past few weeks causing the supply to drop dramatically. It has become very difficult to quickly acquire new Chromebooks in bulk. Some companies said they couldn't deliver until the summer. Yesterday morning God opened a door through a company called PCNation. I reached out to them and told them what we were trying to do. They were moved by the compassion and generosity of the church. They ended up contacting one of their clients who ordered a few thousand units before Covid-19. The units were being prepared for shipment. They asked the client if ECL could purchase 35 of their Chromebooks. The client graciously agreed! While the client wishes to remain anonymous I do know it is a college. I truly believe God made this happen. The Chromebooks should be delivered by Friday!

As I've said numerous times, the Gospel is both taught and embodied. You all embodied the Gospel in a very real and tangible way this week. Thank you for your generosity. Your gift will bless students and teachers in our community for many months to come. I love being your pastor!


Pastor Coby Cagle