Guest Preacher: Pastor Francisco Calix
Feb 25, 2021

This Sunday we have a very special guest preacher named Pastor Francisco Calix. If you recall, this past fall we partnered with a church in Honduras to help them engage in hurricane relief after they were devastated by two hurricanes. Pastor Francisco pastors that church. He will be preaching in Spanish with English subtitles, provided by our mission partner and his daughter-in-law, Megan Turley.

About Pastor Francisco: Pastor Francisco Calix has been in the ministry for over 40 years, pastoring, starting churches, and teaching, serving in various leadership roles in the Mennonite Church and the community development arm of the Mennonite Church here in Honduras called the Mennonite Social Action Commission. He currently pastors the Shalom Mennonite Church in the industrial city of San Pedro Sula and the Path of Light Mennonite Church in a rural community outside of Santa Rita, Yoro. He has taught workshops in topics like social ministries, gender equality, peacebuilding, and biblical studies.

His wife, Lilian Pavón, also pastors the congregations they are serving. They have four children: Absalón, Alexander, Aurora, and Magdiel, and one grandchild.