Elder Transitions
Jan 6, 2022

When we first speak to elders about serving in the leadership at ECL there are two things we try to make clear. First, our primary desire is for human flourishing. We are much more interested in people thriving than what they can do for our church. The second thing we tell candidates is that the hope is they'd be able to serve a 3 year term in leadership. However, sometimes people need to step down early so they can thrive (and sometimes they stick around longer than 3 years!) In order for us to keep human flourishing at the forefront of our conversations, we make it a point to check-in every December to see who still has the capacity to lead. With that said, we have two people who are transitioning out of eldership as of January 1.

Michael Musselmann - Michael has been serving as our treasurer for a year. He has done a fantastic job helping make sure we continue to build fiscally sound practices at our church. He is the first to initiate quarterly financial updates. We are very thankful for his commitment to serving and leading.

Marla Morris - Marla has been an elder for 5 years. We have been discussing her rotating off the board for a year. The past two years Marla has served as our presiding elder. We are a better church because of her strong, courageous, and steady leadership during this very difficult season.

If you get a chance, please let both Michael and Marla know how thankful you are for them. Meanwhile, know that the elders will be meeting soon to talk about when we will add a new elder to our team.