A Day of Transition
Oct 26, 2022

This Sunday, October 30, we have the opportunity to have a panel discussion with Coby as he steps down in his role as lead pastor. Pastor Coby is so important to all of us and we are glad to have this time to honor him and to process this transition together. We hope that you plan to join.

It is also family Sunday and our kids will be joining us in worship service. For toddler parents, we will offer babysitting Sunday during service, instead of our usual class time together. We have amazing people lined up to take good care of your kids (3 and under) while the majority of our volunteers and teachers are in worship, experiencing this day of transition together.

However, all of our kiddos are invited to join Mrs. Karis at the picnic table (weather permitting) to read a sweet Halloween book and make a spider donut. We will gather at 9:30 and wrap up before service begins. Parents, please plan to stay in the general proximity of the table, to help keep our kids from running in to the street :)