Family Sunday
Jan 26, 2023

Hello, my friends!

This coming Sunday is Family Sunday. It's been a while since we have had a Family Sunday together, so this is a reminder that our kids will be in service with us and KidConnect and KidConnect Jr classes will not be meeting. But wait, there's more!

I was recently asked if I loved teaching Bible class- and my answer is that I love learning in Bible class. Our kids, without exception, teach me about our Great Big God every week (shameless plug: if you would like to learn more about experiencing God through teaching at ECL, let's talk!). The faith our kids have and navigate this world with is amazing. This Sunday, you get the opportunity to engage with what God is doing through our kids!

Inspired by scripture, our very own Kitty and Seraphine brainstormed ways to help kids in need within our community. After thoughtful conversation with mentors and prayer, Kitty and Seraphine have put together a beautiful plan. You will get to hear more about it from them on Sunday but I want to give you a heads up to bring cash :) There will be a giving opportunity that I am confident your kids will want to be part of. Placing actual money into a tangible collection container is a powerful lesson for our kids to participate in. Sunday won't be the only opportunity you have to join in- but it will be the first!

I could not be more proud of our kids or excited for you to hear from them.