Financial Update
Aug 2, 2023

Budget vs. Actuals: 2023 Budget

January - June 2023



Over Budget

Total Income





Total 02000 Administration




Total 03000 Facilities




Total 09000 Personnel




Total Ministry




Total Expenses




Net Operating Income






Summary: The chart above compares our actual income and expenses with our budgeted amounts. Our expenses continue to be lower than expected, and this is mainly because we are not paying a Lead Pastor salary at this time. As noted in the last update, in February our income was lower than expected. This has picked up, although we are still a bit behind what we had budgeted for halfway through the year. Our Facilities and Ministry actual amounts are over budget, primarily on account of necessary repairs and equipment replacement. We have $188,177.40 of uncommitted cash available, which continues to provide a financial cushion.