Lent Reflections
Mar 1, 2024

Lent is a season of coming to terms with our own mortality. In Advent we celebrate “God with us” and in Lent we journey through all that choosing humanity costs. Jesus invites us to walk a different way. Jesus invites us to be image bearers, not image makers.

This season of Lent, Karis shared a wonderful talk and invited us to a new practice. To take 1 minute a day and just look at your reflection. A holy pause to notice the Light in you, reflecting to a weary world. A holy pause to honor that you are an image bearer. A holy pause to delight in your own image of God in You. Look in the mirror, really look, until you can see the image of God in every wrinkle. The goodness of God fill your eyes. The love of God overwhelm your mouth as your lips turn upward. The holy reflection of God shining in all that you are, all that you carry, all that you reflect. You are light bouncing off the mirror to reveal the Light of the world.

We also invite you to individually or as a family to donate a mirror to the church. On the back we ask that you write...

"I/We reflect God's _________" (You fill in the blank)

We ask for the mirrors to be brought to church by Palm Sunday, March 24th. We will fill the stage with mirrors for Easter Sunday.