God created a good world. Because of the Fall creation groans under the weight of its own needs and its journey for answers. Despite human efforts poverty still exists. Material pursuits fail to satisfy. Abuse can be found in every neighborhood of every social class. Children get fed at school or not at all. Teenagers enter the workforce unable to read and comprehend job descriptions. Families of all kinds split, shatter, merge and shatter again. Those who seem to have it all together still try to outrun the emptiness inside. And our own souls cry out for healing. We all sense the desperate need for hope and restoration. And so we ask God and ourselves, “What would it take for all the people of Clear Lake and around the world to have their physical, relational and spiritual needs met?”

We believe Jesus is God’s answer. We worship God as the loving Creator of the world and of us. We choose to say “yes” to Jesus as he invites us to take part in God’s restoration of all things. We desire to be a church that glorifies God and makes disciples by journeying together in God’s ongoing rescue of the oppressed. We seek to join God’s rescue through serving others, true community and biblical teaching. We practice these values holistically because we long to see the student thrive in school, spouses serve each other selflessly, the jobless find work and the addicted be released. As the Church, we will equip our people to live out the ways of Jesus and chase after redemption in our personal lives, within our homes, among our friends, in the midst of our vocations, in the middle of our communities and to the ends of the earth. All through the power of Jesus.

We dream that one day we will see all needs met. Each person will realize their worth in God’s eyes and that they were created to experience His love. There will be resurrection everywhere. The hungry will be fed. The naked will be clothed. The hurt will be comforted. The abandoned will be included. The lost will be found. And we will experience such an abundance of grace, peace, joy, forgiveness and trust in Jesus that our only proper response will be worship.