Coby Cagle

Lead Pastor |

Coby was raised in SE Houston. He and his wife, Tammie, met in the halls of J. Frank Dobie High School where they were both active in choir and where he also played football. He graduated from Rhodes College with a degree in business and tired joints thanks to playing four years of college football. He also holds an MDiv from George Fox University.

Coby has felt called to serve as a pastor for as long as he can remember. His first ministry internship was in Brenham, TX in the summer of 2000. Since then he has worked in both small and large churches in Houston, San Antonio, Portland and Seattle. His greatest joy in ministry is practicing pastoral presence i.e. joining people as they experience the highs and lows of life. He is passionate about helping people learn how to hear, understand and respond to the voice of God. He also has a strong conviction to embody and teach biblical justice, racial righteousness and Gospel-centered reconciliation.

Coby and Tammie moved back to Houston in January 2018 because of their clear calling to live and minister in their home (and because they missed good BBQ). Together, they have two children named Mae Belle and Quinn.


John Hatfield

Music & Associate Pastor |

John’s family moved from Oklahoma to Texas when he was in middle school, so he’s lived in the Clear Lake Area longer than he lived anywhere else. And that’s a good thing. Answering a call to vocational ministry (that’s church-speak for working in the church) as a teenager, John has served churches throughout the Houston area for almost 20 years. He is passionate about art and creativity and how those things intersect with expressions of worship. In addition to serving as a pastor and elder at Ecclesia Clear Lake, John is a co-host of the Hymnistry podcast (, a show for people who lead hymns, and people who love hymns.  He gets really excited when people find their calling in the Kingdom of God and begin to use their gifts to help create the world as it could be. Ask him about “narrative liturgical theory” sometime (when you have an hour or so).

John married Erin (she’s amazing) in 2006 and they live in Webster with their son Archer (who’s just the coolest). He enjoys parenthetical statements, woodworking, great Texas BBQ, football (Sooners and Texans), and binge-watching Netflix in his spare time.

photo credit: ALYSSA BEACH,

Karis McQuinn

Director of Family Ministries |

Karis was raised in El Paso, TX and remains a desert girl at heart. During her college years in Oklahoma, she discovered that introducing Jesus to children was a honor never to be taken for granted and the eyes of her heart were opened to her calling. Karis has been involved in ministry to children ever since, making the most of the small window of opportunity to impact the hearts of young people with the Truth. 

Karis is married to a dreamy engineer and is raising an army of gentlemen, which is not for the faint of heart (solidarity, boy moms!). She sees the world through a creative lens and is constantly dreaming of a hot cup of coffee.
Karis cares deeply about “the least of these” and strives to partner with parents in shaping the hearts of our kids through service and experience; seeing God’s creation and all people through the lenses of the Way and heart of Jesus. Karis believes our kids are the church of now, not the future, and longs for a world in which every kid knows how loved they are by God, how special and unique they are and that they are world-changers.



Lucas and Lacy Hilbrich

Elders |

LacyLacy and Lucas are mom and dad to Anna Jane and Ally.

Lacy is a full-time mom and her interests include LUSH, the weather, knitting and growing up. A 4th generation Baylor Bear, she bleeds green and gold. You’ll often catch her listening to everything from Pink to Bon Jovi in her car and watching “Criminal Minds” and “30 for 30” on TV. She loves dark chocolate, key lime pie and anything with cream cheese in it. She is an avid concert goer and had converted her teenager to share her passion for music. She plays a pink bass and has multiple tattoos, just like every other suburban mom, right? Her favorite ECL moments have happened in her living room- she loves being a church that happens all week!

Lucas is a Chemical Engineering grad from Texas A & M. He has been in the oil and gas industry for 15 years. He has worked for Shell in Deer Park the last 3 years. You’ll often find him mountain biking, road biking and hanging out with his ladies (but not necessarily in that order). He enjoys listening to everything from the David Crowder Band to Chevelle and lots in between. If it wasn’t for ESPN, he wouldn’t need a television. He takes pride in the fact that he is raising his girls to love and play sports. There is nothing better than watching football with his family. He enjoys a good steak and prefers to keep his hidden talents hidden. Favorite ECL moments are too many to list but he believes the best is yet to come.

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Melissa Pride

Elder |


Melissa is a native Texan, hailing from Alta Loma (now Santa Fe), Texas. She met husband Ron when she was a sophomore in high school and he was a senior. They married in 1978, while Melissa was a student at Texas A&M. She is a proud member of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie class of ’80. After 12 years in Plano, Texas, where both their kids, Ryan and Becca were born, Melissa and Ron moved to Friendswood to be closer to family. Melissa worked in technical sales until Becca was born, then owned several small businesses while the children were young. In Friendswood, she started a small scrapbooking store and has worked for the subsequent owners for 18 years. Her favorite things include crocheting (or more specifically, buying yarn), yoga, cooking, visiting Austin, and being with her husband, kids and pups. Melissa has made a second (or third) career of volunteering. She has served in four churches (over a period of 30 years), several mission organizations, Generation One, Builders Without Borders of Texas, Cub Scouts of America, and more. Her passion is serving, and loving and encouraging young adults and all those who serve.

Her first pivotal ECL moment came in the first Missional Community she and Ron attended. The second meeting of the group was a few days after Hurricane Ike hit the area, and the group of people in the living room where the MC met jumped into action and took on multiple cleanup projects immediately. This was proof that the Prides had found their church home, and this has been reinforced through many, many more ECL moments.


Marla Morris

Elder |

marlaMarla grew up in League City (go Wildcats!). She holds B.S. in electronic media from Abilene Christian University where she worked for the local NPR  station. After graduation she returned to Houston to work in local news and marketing for several years. Marla met her husband Josh at a church youth group lock-in. They have been married 12 years and have two children, Kate (age 8) and Noah (age 4).
Marla’s family came to check out ECL in 2015 when searching for a new church home and never left–it was a perfect fit. A self-proclaimed news nerd, in her spare time she enjoys listening to NPR podcasts, running, knitting, drinking coffee (the stronger the better) and spending time outside with her family. Camping trips and beach days are the best–even in “G-town brown” water.