Art Story Mission
Nov 28, 2019 · Season 2 · Episode 1

Rightful Advocate of Peace

Art Story Mission returns for Season 2. This Advent we will explore multicultural and historical prayers together. In Episode 1, Lori Arnold leads us in a prayer by Aneth Lwakatare.

Aneth Lwakatare is a Christian leader and scholar from Tanzania. She serves on the World Council of Churches.

Season 2 is here! Join us for weekly Advent prayer.

During Advent and Christmas, Art Story Mission is exploring Prayer through a curated collection of historical and multicultural prayers. As we pray along with Christ followers from around the world and throughout history, we hope that your Advent season will be a time of renewed prayer and preparation for the coming Christmas celebration.

We want this season of Art Story Mission to be a simple offering, keeping with the spirit of Advent. We asked 6 people to select a prayer and include it in their daily prayer time. Each week we will feature a prayer curated by a member of our community, along with a reflection from that person’s experience with the prayer.

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production and music by John Hatfield

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